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Eutectic Bodies

Eutectic are designed for the distribution of ice cream and frozen food, at negative temperatures, as well as for fresh food. Designed with side doors to allow easy access to the entire product range and to limit the heat exchange during opening and unloading.


Insulating panels are normally thicker than those used in association with ventilated units and provide a better K coefficient.


To ensure temperature stability throughout an entire working day it is only necessary to use electricity to recharge the cooling system at the end of service.Eutectic Bodies are fully imported from Italy, provide exceptional low temperature performance as well as low maintenance and silent operation.

  • The original eutectic supplier in Australia.
  • Fully imported Italian
  • Specialised for frozen items
  • Ultra low temperature capacity
  • Noise and energy free deliveries
  • Simple electric or diesel after hours recharge
  • Specialised multidoor design for low heat loss

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